Gatling Gunner
Sidekicks (Troops): 

1.Gunslinger 2.Tin Man 3.Forty Niner 4.Gatling Gun 5.Shaman 6.Mercenary7.Rangers 8.Wrangler

The Gatling Gun is the 4th troop you unlock in Compass Point: West. His gatling gun fires a hail of bullets that do extra damage to enemies on foot. He is best used simularly to the Forty Niner. He has a high deployment cost, but due to his low health you will need to spend more points on other troops to absorb the damage, making the Gatling Gun expensive to use. Keep in mind that he moves slower than the Forty Niner and the Tin Man, be careful not to leave him behind unprotected.

Notorious Gatling Gun
Level Health Range Damage Recovery Deployment Speed
Regular 125 Long 70/s 8m 4 Points Slow
Rugged 166 Long 93/s 11m 4 Points Slow
Veteran 221 Long 124/s 15m 4 Points Slow
Notorious 357 Long 200/s 19m 4 Points Slow
Legendary 475 Long 266/s 23m 4 Points Slow
Legendary Gatling Gun