Sidekicks (Troops): 

1.Gunslinger 2.Tin Man 3.Forty Niner 4.Gatling Gun 5.Shaman 6.Mercenary7.Rangers 8.Wrangler

The Gunslinger is the first sidekick you unlock in Compass Point: West. His low deployment cost makes him an ideal choice in battle, but his short range and low health are his weaknesses. Be careful when deploying him around forty niners as their dynamite splash damage can kill many at a time.


Health Range Damage Recovery Deployment Speed
Regular 170 Short 40/s 30s 1 Point Medium
Rugged 206 Short 48/s 40s 1 Point Medium
Veteran 274 Short 64/s 1m 1 Point Medium
Notorious 587 Short 138/s 1m 30s 1 Point Medium
Legendary 710 Short 167/s 2m 10s 1 Point Medium
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