Sidekicks (Troops): 

1.Gunslinger 2.Tin Man 3.Forty Niner 4.Gatling Gun 5.Shaman 6.Mercenary7.Rangers 8.Wrangler

The Shaman is the Fifth sidekick you unlock in Compass Point West. He is a support only troop and is unable to attack enemies. The Shaman restores health to your sidekicks in an area effect. The ammount of healing per second is labeled under damage. The Shaman has medium health, but a high deployment cost. 

Level Health Range Damage Recovery Deployment Speed
Regular 300 Short 20/s 10m 6 Points Medium
Rugged 330 Short 23/s 12m 6 Points Fast
Veteran 399 Short 30/s 16m 6 Points Medium
Notorious 643 Short 61/s 20m 6 Points Fast
Veteran Shaman
Notorius Shaman